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Great Spots For Coffee On Maui

If your morning isn't complete without a cup of joe, paradise has a pleasant surprise waiting for you! Maui's temperate environment makes for happy coffee trees, and we've found the top ten places that take their Maui coffee very seriously. If you're ready to get your buzz on, here are the best Maui coffee shops to get your caffeine fix!

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1. Vida by Sip Me Maui

Vida by Sip Me in Makawao is a unique experience to savor. With its tranquil atmosphere and rustic charm, the cozy cafe is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Sip Me originally opened in Makawao in 2014 and gained the heart of the local community.  In 2021 Sip Me devastatingly lost its lease and owner Laura Night thought that was the end. However, an opportunity for a fresh start came in the form of a partnership with Tia Trotter, the Creative Director.

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Inspired by the works and life of Frida Kahlo and specifically the phrase "vida la vida," which is inscribed on many of her works of art, Laura and Tia brought Sip Me back to Makawao Town with a new name, Vida by Sip Me Maui. Passionate baristas, who have been perfecting their crafts of making exquisite coffee and espresso drinks are excited to deliver an experience in addition to their caffeinated treats. From your first sip to your last drop, Vida by Sip Me Maui's carefully crafted cups are sure to leave you feeling energized and inspired all day long!


2. Kuau Store

Before Kuau opened its doors, the first thing they did was customize a coffee blend just for the store. Working with Maui Oma Coffee Roasters in Wailuku, they made magic with three different beans to create the Kuau Store House Blend. You can enjoy their coffee in a variety of ways. The Cold Press Maui Vanilla Bean Latte uses their 24-hour cold brew coffee with house-made almond milk and Maui Preserved vanilla. The Cold Press Cacao Mocha adds raw cacao to the vanilla bean latte. If you're curious about the benefits of cold press coffee, it's lower in acidity while maintaining a strong, smooth flavor.

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3. Paia Bay Coffee & Bar

With a brand new location in Paia on Hana Highway, Paia Bay Coffee & Bar has been serving unique, delectable espresso drinks in addition to freshly squeezed juices and locally sourced breakfast and lunch dishes since 2011.

Maui Coffee Spots - Paia Bay Coffee

But Paia Bay Coffee & Bar doesn't stop there. Themed evenings, live music, TVs, and a full bar bring excitement and a nightlife that is hard to find on the North Shore of Maui. The Royal Rose is the espresso drink to try, made with espresso, white chocolate, rose syrup, milk, rose petals, and gold flakes!


4. Akamai Coffee Company

In Hawaiian, Akamai means smart or intelligent. The Akamai Coffee Company takes pride in implementing the smartest techniques in production and presentation. Their 100% locally grown and roasted coffee highlights the best parts of Maui, and you can taste the aloha in every cup! Akamai Coffee Company knows that quality coffee comes from a true love for both coffee and people, and that's what makes their customer service so award-winning!

Maui Coffee Spots - Akamai Coffee Co.


5. Oʻo Farm

You rarely get a glimpse into the entire coffee process. If you want a little background information on the amazing cup of coffee you're about to enjoy, head upcountry to Oʻo Farm, where they will proudly walk you through the coffee plants, spouting books of fascinating information along the way. Their new roasting house is stunning, and you'll get a play-by-play as they showcase the roasting process. And once you take your first sip of freshly roasted and brewed coffee, you will thank the goats that found the first coffee plant (for more information on the goats, you'll have to take the Oʻo Farm Seed to Cup tour!)


6. Grandma's Maui Coffee

Grandma began roasting and blending organic Maui coffee in 1918, way before it was the cool thing to do. Four generations later, this coffee house is still in the family and they continue to support the organic growing process that keeps our island and coffee chemical free. If you want to experience a true Maui tradition, grab a seat at Grandma's. As they always say, have a taste of Maui, and enjoy a cup from the end of the rainbow.

Maui Coffee Spots - Grandmas Coffee House


7. Wailuku Coffee Company

No two coffees are created equal, and everyone has their own preferences as to how they like to take a cup. The owners of Wailuku Coffee Company know this and have a very detailed way of pairing a person with their coffee. From acidity to the mouthfeel, they'll find the blend that makes your mouth sing! And everyone wants a happy cup of joe! With the slogan of, "where the hip come to sip", you'll find yourself in very cool company here!

Maui Coffee Spots - Wailuku Coffee Company


8. Maui Grown Coffee

Maui Grown Coffee is grown on a 500-acre estate in Kaʻanapali, which has made a home to the Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra, Typica, and the Moka variety. These arabica varieties were selected based on cup quality and their ability to produce at various elevations. This level of knowledge allows the customer to be the recipient of quality seed-to-cup of coffee! Currently, Maui Grown Coffee is not offering fresh coffee to taste but you can visit the store, purchase coffee in bulk, and learn about the history and processes of brewing Maui coffee.


9. Kupaʻa Farms Coffee

Just like wine has different notes and favors, coffee also has a personality! Kupaʻa Farm is known to be sweet, fruity, and well-balanced, with notes of blackberry and fuller tones of butterscotch and malt. This 100% estate-grown coffee takes its flavors from the blend of red & yellow Catuai, Kona Typica, Orange Bourbon, and Gadaloupe trees on the estate. If you're looking for an in-depth cup of joe, Kupa'a Coffee is for you.


10. Maui Coffee Roasters

When you drink a cup of coffee, you don't want any unpleasant surprises like pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Maui Coffee Roasters have an organic line of coffee that is grown sustainably with minimal impact on nature. The young volcanic soil is naturally fertile and rich in micronutrients and minerals, which balances out the ph of the soil. This GMO-free coffee tastes good as well as keeps Mother Earth clean and happy!

Maui Coffee Spots - Maui Coffee Roasters

Now that we've shared the top 10 spots on Maui to get a great cup of coffee, it's time for you to go get your buzz on!

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